Redakce hledá překladatele tiskových zpráv

Pro vylepšení víkendového servisu kolem velkých cen formule 1.

Spolehlivého a obratného překladatele tiskových zpráv hledá redakce s úmyslem vylepšit víkendový servis během velkých cen formule 1.Vaší náplní by bylo přeložit po každé kvalifikaci (sobota) a závodě (neděle) – cca do dvou hodin – v průměru pět oficiálních tiskových zpráv od týmů formule 1 – překladateli dodá redakce.Pokud by vás výše popsaná činnost zaujala, dejte prosím o sobě vědět na e-mail s kraťoučkým popisem toho, proč byste tuto činnost rádi dělali a jakou odměnu (kvantifikováno v poměru na tiskovou zprávu případně paušálem) očekáváte.K vašemu dopisu, prosím, přiložte překlad jedné z následujících tiskových zpráv (konkrétně po kvalifikaci na Velkou cenu San Marina).Redakce si vyhrazuje právo nevybrat ádného uchazeče.Děkujeme za pochopení a spolupráci.Formule.czTOYOTA:Ralf Schumacher – 6th: „We achieved more than we expected today, but I am still not satisfied because I did not do a perfect lap in the traffic at the end of the session. That´s a pity because the extra tenth of a second to reach the second row would have been easy to find. Still, this is a very good result and both Jarno and I have done our best. „Last year I struggled in qualifying but this car and tyre combination is working better for me. Now we must aim for the points tomorrow. We are not very far away from the top teams and we will do our best to move further forward, but it is very difficult to overtake here. Hopefully we can have our usual good pit stops and then we can see where we end up.“Jarno Trulli – 9th: „It was a good afternoon´s work for us but it would have been even better if I hadn´t hit traffic on my quickest lap in Session 3. Unfortunately on my last run I was behind Michael Schumacher who didn´t let me by when he was on a slow lap. He just came out of the pits and held me up all the way around his out lap, which I don´t think was fair. Up to that point the sessions had gone well. „The car handled well throughout the afternoon and that gives me a lot of confidence for the race. Ralf´s podium in Australia shows that we can compete at the front so the atmosphere in the team is good. This race will give us another chance to check how our form is improving. I certainly hope to enjoy better fortune tomorrow than I have had in the first few races.“Dieter Gass – Chief Engineer Race and Test: „This is the first time this year that we have had both cars actually running in the last session of qualifying so that was a good day for us. Both drivers performed well throughout the afternoon and the first two sessions went well even though it was very tight for who qualified from Session 2. We´re happy with Ralf´s eventual qualifying position – he was very close to the second row but 6th is still a good performance. „We are disappointed about what happened to Jarno because he lost a lot of time on his quick lap. Looking to tomorrow we are happy with the tyres we have here – the performance and grip level was good – and we´re happy with the choice we have made for the race and our strategy is looking good. We are still a challenger in F1 and we will now be fighting for a very strong finishing position tomorrow.“ RENAULT:Fernando Alonso – 5th: „I don´t think fifth is the perfect place to start at this circuit because overtaking is so difficult, but we are not in such a bad position either. There was a lot of traffic during the third part of qualifying and I came quite close to the 110% time on some of the laps, but when I did my timed laps at the end of qualifying, the car felt good and the track was clear. „The balance is better than it was yesterday and feels correct for the race, so now we need to try and make up positions at the start, and believe in the strategy we have chosen. I also wish to clarify comments I made yesterday after they were interpreted in this morning´s press. I want to reiterate that I have always enjoyed total technical support from Renault. Renault is known everywhere as a team that treats both of its drivers fairly and equally.Giancarlo Fisichella – 11th: „What can I say? I am very disappointed to only start eleventh at my home race. The balance of the car felt much better than yesterday, so we should have been in the top ten for sure. I think we may have made a mistake in how we managed the second session, because I think we could have run again at the end, but this is something we will learn for the future. „Looking ahead to tomorrow, we now have a lot of options for our strategy, and we will work tonight to find the best one. The speed and consistency are there to have a good race.“Pat Symonds, Executive Director of Engineering: „Giancarlo was very unlucky to be on the wrong end of a big bunch of cars within one tenth of a second in the second knockout session. The eleven millisecond deficit to the competitors in front of him, means we face a very different strategic challenge tomorrow, but it is one that we can rise to. „As for Fernando, he looks a little further back on the grid than normal. However, we have managed our weekend with our main challengers in mind, and we feel that we have done the right thing to get the best possible result in tomorrow´s race.“Denis Chevrier, Head of Trackside Engine Operations: „After a trouble-free weekend, we fell into the one of the traps of the new qualifying format this afternoon, with Giancarlo failing to proceed into the super-pole session. This is clearly a disappointment, but he now has a lot of strategic options for the race tomorrow. „Fernando´s session ran smoothly, and we have made certain deliberate decisions that will only be proved right or wrong on Sunday evening after the chequered flag has fallen. In terms of the engines, everything ran well, both for Giancarlo´s new B spec unit, and Fernando´s V8 which is completing its second weekend.“

Tomáš Richtr

22.4.2006 7:30

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